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6.00 am To 9.30 am

Sunday & Holiday – 12.00 noon To 2.30 pm
(These will be served in the Dining hall only)

8.00 pm To 10.30 pm


1) A sum of two months charges shall be deposited immediately on getting the intimation of reservation of the seat. 25% of the deposit will be forfeited if applicant fails to join on the given date.
2) No interest will be paid on this deposit.
3) The deposit will be refunded at the time of leaving the Hostel after receiving the clues and charges for breakage etc. Boarding & accommodation charges if already paid are not refundable.
4) No resident shall remove her belongings or property from the hostel unless and until all her monthly dues have been paid and a ”Clearance Pass” obtained from the hostel Superintendent. Deposit will be refunded only after leaving the hostel. No fees will be adjusted against deposit.


Residents intending to terminate their stay are required to give one Calendar month’s notice in writing or pay the full accommodation and maintenance charges for this period of the notice. All charges, rent and service charges in full or otherwise, the security deposit will be forfeited.


All meetings of residents shall be convened by the Superintendent by notice in such manner as she deems fit. At such meetings either the Chairperson or member of the Hostel Committee or the Superintendent or any other person nominated by the Hostel Committee shall be chairman. In case of an equal of an equal division of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote. Any meeting convened in contravention of the rules and all proceedings thereafter Shall be null and void.
No cooking will permitted in the rooms or in the canteen by residents. Residents shall not take Hostel utensils, crockery or cutlery for food in their rooms. The residents shall not be in the dining room after 10.00 pm. without the permission of the Superintendent. Request for lunch on weekly off day or for late
food in the night should be made in advance. No food will be kept for residents coming after 9.30 pm. except for those on duty.
All charges for accommodation boarding etc. will be calculated from the 1 st to 6 every English Calendar month. Resident taking admission during 1 to 15 of every Calendar month will have to pay for full month and residents leaving the hostel will have to pay 15 days charges. Similarly resident taking admission during 15th to 30th of every calendar month will have to pay for 15 days only and residents leaving the hostel will have to pay full charges. This facility will be provided twice in a year, in Diwali vacation and summer vacation.

All the charges shall be paid in advance on or before the 7th of every month according to English Calendar, case dues are not paid on or before the 10th of a particular month. area which the resident shall cease to have a claim on her seal.

Failure to pay the dues including the above mentioned surcharge for a maximum period of two consecutive months would compel the management to terminate the resident’s stay.

1) A resident going on privilege leave or any other long leave from the place of her service (For which a certificate to that effect will have to be produced from the employer) can keep her claim on the seat for more then three months only on the payment of accommodation, maintenance and all other charges except boarding charges in advance. At least seven days intimation in advance in writing will have to be given while proceeding on leave.
2) Resident going on leave but retaining her claim to the seat must pack up her clothes and other belongings in trunks, suitcases firmly tied boxes, which should be clearly marked with her name.
3) If a resident is going on leave for more than 7 days, the room key and cupboard key must be returned to the Superintendents Desk before departure.

4) Full room rate will be charged for every day absence, but no charges will be made for any day on which a bed is let.

5) The resident on departure must check out at the Reception Desk specifying “Retaining Fee” and book in again on return.

6) Resident returning after the date notified will be charged full rate from the expected date of her return.

7) In case of failure to return or failure to give an intimation in writing for extension of leave within 3 days from the normal day of reporting back to the Hostel the resident will automatically lose the sear which will be allotted to another applicant.