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Application must be made in the prescribed form which is enclosed herewith. The forms are annexed to the Rules & Regulations Book.
(A) Working Women are entitled to hostel facilities provided their gross income does not exceed Rs. 50,000/- consolidated (gross) per month in metropolitan cities or, Rs. 35,000/- consolidated (gross) per month in any other place. When the income of any working women already residing in a hostel exceeds the prescribed limits.

It should be clearly understood by all residents that no tenancy is or shall be created by their occupation or use Hostel premises and property and that each of them is merely permitted by Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal under the Rules 7 Regulations framed by mandal and which can be changed, altered, modified, varied wholly or partly and / or can be replaced by the Hostel Committee at its discretion and without assigning any reason for the same and upon such revocation the resident shall not be entitled to stay and / or enter the Hostel or any part or portion thereof. If she does not leave, she shall be liable to be forcibly removed from there.

The residents can stay in the Hostel for not more than thirty three months or as may be decided by the Hostel Committee from time to time. (Every resident shall submit a form for continuation of stay every eleven months & fifteen days in advance.) The Hostel Committee and / or Managing Committee of the Mandal shall have power in their absolute discretion to refuse any application without assigning any reason.

(B) The Superintendent, Hostel Committee, President &Vice President of Adarsh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal will scrutinize all applications, interview the applicant and grant admission. The decision of the committee in this matter will be final.

The applicant who will be granted permission shall have to produce a medical fitness certificate from the doctor approved by the Mandal Committee and the admission will be subject to the report of the doctor which will be considered by the Hostel Committee.